Low Cost Bulk SMS – Is It Worth It?

While discounts and reduced costs may be a significant driver of earnings, it is also worth remembering the old adage that you get what you pay for. Bulk SMS is no exception. Firms can choose between paying with no glitches, or paying and paying later when difficulties arise. Other factors besides cost ought to be taken into account when it comes to picking out a SMS firm for your messaging. Think about network quality, the coverage, reliability and customer support, in addition to the pricing of the messaging services.

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Utilizing HLR lookup to subscriber identity and phone numbers saves money by removing numbers that are invalid. Other features are messaging delivery and monitoring status. Having features like these can help you save money in the long term, as the data on your mobile messaging all is available.

Most bulk sms singapore companies claim that they have coverage to anywhere on earth. Yet the question is the reliability, although the policy. Do they have a backup if their main route is blocked? When picking a supplier ask if they have more than 1 path to that destination, and take a good look in states and the operators that they associate with. Make sure that the secondary route offers binary SMS, provides Unicode characters that will accommodate SMS for hieroglyphic languages like Chinese or Cyrillic alphabets such as Greek, and it will concatenate long messages. Simple things like a time stamp are significant. Bear in mind, the routes of any SMS provider that is worthwhile will be as great as their route.

When an SMS supplier offers to send bulk SMS messaging at a price that is low this is because the network’s quality is somewhat below par or lost on the way. If a text message does not reach its destination it is a waste of money and your time.