Prizes are the important in increasing in the leader boards for Pou, unlike other video game where you could just raise on leader boards by racking one of one of the most amounts of triumphs or removes. Prizes are gotten with multiplayer by raiding another gamer, or another player raids you. You obtain rewards via success, from both assaulting in addition to securing. Nonetheless, losing a raid will definitely lead to prize lost. Prizes are essential to have taking into consideration that it furthermore establishes the kind of gamers you will certainly be paired up versus while playing online. You’ll always be paired up with challengers around 230 more along with less prizes compared to you have. The a lot more rewards you have, the more powerful challengers you will certainly battle.

The leading tool to acquire triumph in a multiplayer raid is to obtain at the very least one superstar. Activating at least 50 % damage to the base or ruining the city center will absolutely supply the one star. When this is achieved, you will obtain success as well as win a pair rewards even if you dropped all your soldiers. Damaging the town hall and 50 % damage will acquire two celebrities, as well as having a100 % devastation will obtain all 3 stars. The even more celebrities will certainly compensate more trophies. The most convenient way on how to obtain a lot more trophies in baixar pou to search for an opponent that has a lower ranking than you. There is an excellent opportunity that their base is not very strengthened, so simply surrounding them with soldiers will certainly make the prize quicker. If you are lucky, you may uncover an opposition with no defenses around the city center.

Being a turtle is furthermore a superb option. Very enhancing the base will bring better success when a player is attempting to invade your individual base, along with you do not have to go about and ranch trophies from numerous other gamers. Merely have them come straight at you. The most effective means to acquire rewards in Pou is, definitely, simply winning multiplayer fits. Utilize the ideal approaches that matches you one of the most effective, along with merely go and win each raid online. One more approach is joining a Pou therefore that you can have some Pou individuals aid you in different raid occasions versus various other players online. It may cost a number of sources to win these fights merely for obtaining that trophy, nonetheless consider completion goal of increasing in the rankings of the leader boards.