It sounds like something of an oxymoron, doesn’t it?  How can a person eat really well, and at the same time lose weight and get physically fit and in shape, all at the same time?  Well, believe it or not, it is not only possible, but it also can be plenty of fun and very enjoyable if you just follow a few basic rules.

Begin by following a fairly set diet regimen.  This doesn’t mean you must be very restrictive in your diet, just keep your diet in moderation.  Use more herbs and cut back on seasonings that cause one to retain a lot of water.  (Most Americans eat far more salt than they need to anyway.)  And begin substituting more broad leaf green vegetables for the customary starches that tend to “stick” to you.  Green vegetables are filling and healthy.  Just avoid seasoning them excessively with dairy products or salt – instead use herbs like garlic, oregano, basil, pepper, etc.  And reduce your meat consumption.  Follow the custom of the Far East, cultures there do not have meat as a “main” dish but as one of many components in a meal.  Reducing the amount of meat and increasing your vegetable intake helps to reduce the amount of weight.

Ways To Get In Shape While Eating Well

Your second trick is to spend more time actively outdoors.  The ideal thing to do is to get your own meal; go fishing, using equipment you can get with a Groupon from Bass Pro website.  Or go crabbing or clam digging if you live near the seacoast.  Shellfish can be extremely healthy, they are generally low in calories and high in essential vitamins.  And they can be prepared in numerous ways that require little additional seasoning – indeed, the worst thing one can do is to over season fish or shellfish, since it will mask the taste of the food.  After all, coming from the ocean the fish already has plenty of salt so it needs no more.  And finally, make the obtaining of your food fun. Get some enjoyment – and exercise – by catching your own food, picking your vegetables and preparing them yourself.  It is surprising how much energy (and weight) is consumed when engaged in the very process of gathering and preparing ones meals.  This is how you can lose weight while eating healthy!